The Inner Monster Podcast

The Inner Monster Podcast combines flash horror fiction, self-improvement and professional growth, and monster mythology all in one podcast.

Come for the stories and monsters, stay for the deep dives into success, psychology, fear, and impostor syndrome-wrangling that the Kaiju Coaching blog is known for.

The Inner Monster Podcast will be launching on September 28, 2020. Stay tuned, and sign up for our mailing list to get notifications of the exact launch date, sneak previews, and other awesomeness. 

If you’re hungry for even more, consider joining us over at Patreon where you get access to episodes before anyone else, as well as exclusive live Q+A sessions and other monstrous benefits.  

Have questions about impostor syndrome, success, life in general?  The Inner Monster Podcast will also have Q+A episodes so leave a voice message here to get your question answered on the show. 


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