Frequently Asked Questions

When we’re focused on a problem, we’re often too close to the issue to find objective solutions.  This nearsightedness creates blindspots.

Coaching can provide an objective perspective and safe space for people to explore possibilities and gain accountability in their journey.  

By providing propelling questions, a safe space, and gentle yet firm pushes, you’ll unlock things within yourself that you didn’t think possible.  


Having a coach is exactly like having someone ask you a lot of difficult questions that you need to be asked.

It’s having space held for you where you get to really focus on yourself, without any judgment or fear or shame.  

It’s having someone shine light into your blindspots, celebrate your progress, and gently push your metaphorical butt with their metaphorical foot when you’re slacking off.  

It can be scary at first, challenging most times, but ultimately life-changing-ly rewarding.  

Of course!  Even if I’m not the right coach for you, I can help point you in the right direction of a coach (or even a therapist) who is.  

I encourage you to snag a free 20-minute video chat and we can make sure you get the help you need, whether it’s from me or someone else.  

As a coach, I believe that you have all the answers inside of you, and it’s my job to ask you the questions that will draw those answers out.

I’m professional but friendly, warm but firm, and supportive but flexible.  I believe in your capabilities to surpass your old limits, and will celebrate your victories but will also push you to keep going.  

I’m less of a suggestion-giver than I am a question-asker, but as we move forward together I may offer more concrete answers if I think it will unlock other truths inside of you.  

Nay, good friend.  My specialty is wrangling inner monsters, but I can also help with career skills, building businesses, and Skee-Ball technique.

I’ve worked with a lot of people, and I’ll bet a game of Skee-Ball that I’ve coached someone like you.  

If you’re looking for training or consulting, I also offer that, but via the consultancy I’ve co-founded, The Brightspot Trust.

If you’re asking if I can coach you on another video conference platform like Skype or Google Meet or something else, I’m happy to meet you where you are.

If you’re asking if I can coach you in-person, the answer will probably be no, but you can always ask 🙂

Kaiju Coaching gets it’s name from the Japanese word for “strange beast,” which has come to represent the genre of film that incorporates giant monsters wreaking havoc (think Godzilla).  As many of these films had seemingly giant monsters but were really just people in rubber suits, I felt it was a fitting metaphor for the work I do.  

Our Inner Monsters often seem terrifying, but at their core, they’re really just illusions – defense mechanisms putting on rubber suits and artificial fangs to seem like they’re bigger than they really are.

I am NOT a therapist, nor do I play one on TV.

I’m here to support your personal and professional growth and development, but if you’re being held back by PTSD or a mental health condition, I suggest you seek a licensed therapist.  

If you’re feeling like you might hurt yourself or someone else, I urge you to call 911 or your country equivalent.

Here is a list of resources and hotlines to call if you’re feeling like this is an emergency.