Wrangling Your Impostor Monster

“They’re going to find out you’re a fraud.

“You’re gonna fail.”

“Who do you think you are?”

If this sounds familiar, you might be struggling with Impostor Syndrome.

It goes by many names. Fear. The Resistance. Voices in your head. Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee.

I call it the Impostor Monster.

Whatever you call it, the negative self-talk that you hear when you’re creating (or trying to sell your creations) can be paralyzing. 

Common advice of “sucking it up” or “powering through it” only causes it to get stronger and return with a crippling vengeance. Wrangling Your Impostor Monster is an online course that will arm you with powerful tactics and new frameworks of thinking to tame the fear and build a new relationship with it in a powerful new way of living and creating.

My name is Rick Kitagawa, an executive leadership coach, consultant, and visual artist who has helped thousands of creatives, entrepreneurs, and leaders across the globe wrangle their inner monsters and find success. I’ve coached and taught leaders at companies like:

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I too know what it’s like to be paralyzed around creating – and even more so about telling the world about my art. I know the fear around selling art, and the fear of no one caring about what I create. But by working through the frameworks and exercises I’m sharing in this course, I’ve been able to comfortably talk about what it is I do with more confidence and certainty that what I’m doing matters.

I’ve taken all the work I do with private clients and distilled it down to make it more affordable and accessible to the creative community at large, and hope you’ll join me for this new course.

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The Wrangling Your Imposter Monster course includes:

How does the class work?

Wrangling Your Impostor Monster is run over four modules and four weeks, all online.

All videos for that module will be released on the Monday of that week, and there will be weekly Q+A calls on Wednesday at 7pm Pacific Time to get you inspired and feeling supported to tackle the worksheets.

We’ll also have community threads and chats to keep up the momentum and share our successes along the way.

The time commitment is only about 3+ hours per week, although the more you engage in the community the more effective the results of the course are.

What does the syllabus look like?

What will I learn?


  • Find clarity around your purpose, your voice, and your audience
  • Learn how to work with your Impostor Monster rather than fight it
  • Find more confidence and courage to create (and sell if you want)
  • Bounce back easily from rejection (and even look forward to it)
  • Redefine success for yourself and thrive as an artist

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