An illustration of many different colored cartoon monsters with the text "Be comfortable with who you are. Become the You-est You."

Exhausted from feeling like you are always hiding parts of yourself?

Crushed by others’ expectations of you?

Numb and isolated by the lack of deep connections with others?

Life doesn’t have to be this way, nor should it. A life with more authenticity, self-trust, and deeper connections is possible.

Are you looking for:

If so, Kaiju Coaching might be for you.

An Inner Monster Safari (aka 20-minute coaching session on Zoom) is the first step towards wrangling the inner monsters holding you back from becoming the You-est You.

The call is free, and you’ll be surprised how much work we can get done in 20 minutes.

Become the You-est You

Above and beyond everything else, I prioritize creating the space needed for you to become your most authentic self.

When you can show up as yourself, you’ve learned to become the You-est You. 

The journey to finding your You-est You is a path filled with reframing success, taming your inner impostor monster, and having a space where you can show up as your true self without having to worry about people judging you or saying the wrong thing. 

It’s about building trust with yourself, choosing your own priorities, and then building systems that assist you and removing those that don’t serve you. 

This is for you if:

  • You pretend to be someone else to fit in
  • You worry that people won’t “get you”
  • You second-guess your decisions 
  • You feel like an impostor 
  • You have aspects of your identity that are minoritized
  • You feel like you’re not enough

If any of those resonate with you, let’s chat. We can get a lot of work done even in 20 minutes.

Who is Rick?

You can find out more on my about page but my name is Rick Kitagawa (he/him/his), and am a coach that’s helped thousands of leaders confront their fears, find a voice, and do things they didn’t dream possible.

I’ve helped executives, leaders, and change-makers from around the world wrestle with their inner monsters and find more within themselves than they ever imagined.

When I’m not coaching, I’m a visual artist who paints monsters as reflections of the human condition, have a son named Mochi who happens to be a stuffed animal cat, and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with colors in the blue-green spectrum. 

A photo of Rick Kitagawa

As the Inner Monster Wrangler behind Kaiju Coaching* I hold space and truly listen to people, ask propelling questions, and foster new relationships between you and your inner monsters in order to create a space for you to truly show up as yourself. 


If you’re tired of hiding and ready to start showing up as your You-est You let’s chat.

*Kaiju (pronounced “kai-joo”) means “strange beast” in Japanese and refers to the giant rubber suit monsters of Godzilla-style movies of yore.

I chose this name since it refers to how our inner monsters all seem terrifying, but they’re really just versions of ourselves in funny costumes. 

Also, I really like monsters. 

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Why Work With Kaiju Coaching?

You’re the Star of the Show

I believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” method of coaching.  While there are patterns and similarities, you’re a unique human being, and I’ll treat you as such. 

Your unique challenges need unique solutions, and so every coaching session is a bespoke exploration that we’ll co-create together.  You already have all the answers inside of you – I just help ask the questions that will bring them to light.  

I Know the Fear

I’m familiar with the voice that says “You’re not good enough,” “You’re not qualified enough,” “You’re going to fail..again,” and “No one is going to care.”  I’ve heard it all from my own Inner Monsters. I know how demoralizing and paralyzing they can be.  

I know how difficult it is to overcome impostor syndrome on one’s own, so I’ve spent my career on helping others get unstuck, realize their own potential, and how to wrangle their own Inner Monsters.  Who better to lead you on a safari than someone who is intimately familiar with the terrain?

You’ll Get Monstrous Results

I know I’m not the right coach for everyone.  But if I am the right coach for YOU, you’ll see yourself growing and achieving things you didn’t think possible.  I bring a blend of practicality with playfulness, rigor with care, and a willingness to have hard conversations with kindness.  

If you’re feeling like fear and self-doubt are getting in your way and you’re looking for a way forward, book a free, 20-minute Inner Monster safari with me and we can test it out – no obligations or strings attached, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Get it?  Because it’s free?  Sigh.

Oh yeah, I hope you can take some bad jokes as well.  

What are you waiting for?  Let’s chat and wrangle some Inner Monsters!  

Want to learn more?

Why don’t you go get to know Rick a little bit better at his about page?

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Thanks for reading this far, looking forward to meeting you, and I hope you have a monstrous day!