Coaching for leaders, creatives, and anyone struggling with their Inner Monsters.

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Kaiju Coaching provides the space and propelling questions to unlock the potential within you and overcome your biggest hurdles – the voices in your head.

Founded on the idea of befriending our inner monsters and transforming them into helpful aides rather than monstrous obstacles, Kaiju Coaching has helped thousands of leaders and organizations from around the globe reframe how they think about fear, self-doubt, and success.

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"What I love is Rick's versatility. We could talk about implementing a plan to shift workplace culture, or how I could improve my online training course, or areas of my personal life that had an impact on work life. It's this ease in which he shifts into different roles depending on the situation that is one of his greatest strengths."
Mike L
Technical Artist

Book your free, 20-minute Inner Monster safari (aka coaching session for the uninitiated.)

 We’ll get to know each other, say hi to your Inner Monsters, and get as much work as we can in this free session (you’d be surprised how much we can do in 20 minutes). It’s a perfect way to see if we’re a good fit to work together, so book now.

Why Work With Kaiju Coaching?

I Know the Fear

I’m familiar with the voice that says “You’re not good enough,” “You’re not qualified enough,” “You’re going to fail..again,” and “No one is going to care.”  I’ve heard it all from my own Inner Monsters. I know how demoralizing and paralyzing they can be.  

I know how difficult it is to overcome impostor syndrome on one’s own, so I’ve focused on helping others get unstuck, realize their own potential, and how to wrangle their own Inner Monsters.  Who better to lead you on a safari than someone who is intimately familiar with the terrain?

You’re the Star of the Show

I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all method of coaching.  While there are patterns and similarities, you’re a unique human being, and I’ll treat you as such. 

Your unique challenges need unique solutions, and so every coaching session is a bespoke exploration that we’ll co-create together.  You already have all the answers inside of you – I just help ask the questions that will bring them to light.  

You’ll Get Monstrous Results

I know I’m not the right coach for everyone.  But if I am the right coach for YOU, you’ll see yourself growing and achieving things you didn’t think possible.  I bring a blend of rigor with playfulness, accountability with care, and a willingness to have hard conversations with kindness.  

So if you’re feeling like fear and self-doubt are getting in your way and you’re looking for a way forward, book a free, 20-minute Inner Monster safari with me and we can test it out – no obligations or strings attached, with 100% money-back guarantee. Get it?  Because it’s free?  

Oh yeah, I hope you can take some bad jokes as well.  

What are you waiting for?  Let’s chat and wrangle some Inner Monsters!  

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